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According to Carl Gustav Jung's definition, the shadow encompasses the most primitive and fundamental instincts of human beings. The shadow is the animalistic aspect of our personality. At the same time, it provides the fulfillment of creativity, insight, and intense passions necessary for human development.


Persona, on the other hand, is the act of protecting one's true identity from society. It is the public façade created by the ego, the mask. The shadow and the persona are in constant relationship and exhibit permeability between each other. The hidden shadow in the unconscious and the individual who suppresses it... And they are all connected to the collective consciousness once again.

One of the portraits in the artwork represents the individual, while the other represents the shadow. These focal points should be placed in the same location, conveying interconnected messages. The black background is intended for the images to transform into positive images and to symbolize the representation of collective consciousness.

Technical Description:

Size: 11x14

Medium: Wet Plate Collodion On Glass


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