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"They proclaim Yunus dead and they chant prayers for the lover, Death is for beasts alone, it's not the lover's destiny."

Yunus Emre


After humans are born, they have a limited capacity of consciousness to perceive the plenary structure of the universe. Conscience perceives itself as an existence in the material structure, separated from the whole.

Thereby, it traps itself in a limited life, and it can't relate itself to all the experiences it had. The truth that can't be noticed in its lifetime will be understood when the soul leaves the body. It will understand th
at the body left behind is just an illusion.

Prints are made with the Cyanotype and Salt Print techniques. My aim is to reference Life with the blue color of Cyanotype printings while the brown color of Salt Print printings represent death. My motive to use fabric is based on an Anatolian culture; after birth life begins with the body wrapped in a napkin (swaddle) and after death, before burying the body, it is again, wrapped in fabric (shroud)



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