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Self - Portraits

Consciousness can be defined as the ability of the subject to perceive and know oneself and the surrounding based on emotions, perceptions, and knowledge. In fact, the existence of consciousness creates the existence of matter. If a conscious observer is not observing a particle of matter, then that particle does not exist there. In the realm of consciousness, there are infinite possibilities related to that particle. When a conscious observer looks at the particle, they see only one of those possibilities. In other words, the gaze of a conscious observer creates one of the infinite possibilities. And science shows us that the entire universe is entangled (connected), that everything we call "thing" is actually one thing.


So, in light of all this, how real are the things we observe and label as "real"? Are we not merely observers in the vessel of our flesh and bones? If we go one step further, does the concept of "self" truly exist?

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