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"When I was asked what kind of session was deep in me, there lies the belief that there is one deep belonging to the father, a deep reality of the attentive one, and a self which is eternally determined, It seems as if the rest, the rest of the way - the path that he has taken as free, seems to have no bearing on beliefs, preferences, self-empathy, closeness, ultimately his life. Identity is a mirror that ties him to the world when he is in his time.'


Amin Maalouf

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The social norms and the days of identity are distancing the individual from the original assistance. While the individual is forgetting the "essence" lying in the deep reality, life still continues to live in the life of the current system. The system draws lines, draws frames, makes the individual unable to get out of this stereotyped life. When all this happens, the individual unwittingly separates from the nature and becomes isolated. The body, which comes from the soil, or even the star dust, is mixed again with the soil and becomes dust. The only thing that does not change is essence.

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